Property Management

Marion Nielsen

Director / Office Manager

Marion is the office manager and part owner at Property @ Kouvelis, and has been working with Philip since 1981.

She is a licensed agent and was one of the youngest to attain her registration in 1984. During her 38 years in the industry, Marion has seen, implemented, and adapted to many changes in property management, sales, body corporate management and information technology, just to name a few.

She has the skills, dedication, experience and interest to answer any, and all queries. Marion's breadth of knowledge, particularly in real estate legislation, has seen her provide telephone support for the ACT Lessor Advisory Service, as well as general property management advice to industry colleagues and the general public.

In the office, Marion oversees the day-to-day running of the Property Management team. She also manages the agency's trust account, ensuring the firm's accounts are balanced and ready for audit, a role she takes very seriously. She is also actively involved in commercial letting and body corporate management, and provides support and advice to the sales team.

Over the years Marion has mentored many staff and provides invaluable advice and support to her current employees.